Stephan Jenkins
Noted projects: Third Eye Blind (lead singer/founder)

“We just finished 15 months of touring on three different continents performing for audiences between 2000 and 80,000. Every night I sing hard for two hours and repeatedly hit F above middle C. It’s a grueling schedule by any standard. I’ve never sung stronger. People actually say I sound younger. My band’s backing vocals are also consistently in better pitch.
I’m back with no strain in my voice and ready for the studio.
I credit this to working with Heather. Her technique is simple and intuitive. She made it much easier for me to find pitch power without changing my style. From working with Heather, I sound more like me really.
I think it’s a great idea to work with Heather whether you are an aspiring beginner or planning big recording and touring projects.”


William Robert
Noted projects: William Robert, Renaissance Man

“Heather has a way of bringing out the gold in me.

I was not confident in the way my voice sounded on recordings and Heather helped me relax and get the best sound out of my instrument without straining. She even created warm-up exercises that were tailored to my needs. I would recommend Heather to any singer wanting to take their voice to the next level, live and in-studio!”


Beth Hirsch
Noted projects: Air, Moon Safari (co-writer/vocalist)

“The imagery & language Heather uses to lead her vocal workouts are the most concise and helpful I have ever experienced. She utilizes every second of our lessons to my advantage, which I really appreciate. Having known her first as a singer, I was curious to learn her technique, and she is clearly one of the best.”


Kylee Swenson Gordon
lead singer/guitarist, Loquat
Influences: Björk, The Cardigans, The Pretenders

“In the middle of the last recording session, I went to my first-ever voice lesson with Heather Pierce and it was sort of a revelation. I went back and sang this part—which had been plaguing me—in five minutes, and the album was done. All this time I was afraid a voice teacher would try to change me or tell me I was doing it all wrong, and it was actually amazingly helpful. The technique she teaches works like magic.”


Darren Daniels
singer/songwriter & producer
Influences: Joe, Jazmine Sullivan, Anthony Hamilton

“I was pulling chest and overusing the throat muscles around my vocal cords. Now I am able to go into my head voice and stay connected through my bridge. Thanks to Heather, my voice feels relaxed and I’m having fun singing again!”

Influences: Prince, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo

“After advancing through the preliminary round of auditions for American Idol (Season 8), I decided to seek professional training to fine-tune my vocal skills and hopefully move on to the next rounds of competition. I’ve been singing all my life but have never studied any real vocal technique. Heather helped me learn how to belt without hurting my voice, so the songs we chose would really come through and wow the judges—I made it to Hollywood week!”

The Peelers (Jenisis’ band)

Richard Lyons
attorney/amateur guitarist
Influences: Kurt Elling, Manhattan Transfer, Joao Gilberto, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles

“I’m the guitarist in a gigging jazz group (Wakefield Jazz Quartet) and wanted to add my vocals. Specifically, I wanted to learn how to get into my higher ‘mix’ voice. I came to Heather with a very limited bass range and am learning to reach into the tenor range. Heather has a real understanding of the vocal problems of the male voice and how to overcome them. She’s a pleasure to study with and a complete professional.”

Esther Mira
Influences: Bernadette Peters, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Liza Minnelli

“As a performer who had just moved to SF from LA, I was interested in finding a vocal coach who could not only help me expand my current style of singing (which is mainly classical and musical theater), but broaden my repertoire as well. I am so glad I found Heather! She is absolutely amazing! Never in a million years did I think I could sing an R&B or pop song. Heather’s gotten me out of my comfort zone and I’ve been having a blast learning different styles of music with her.”

Alessandra Cecchetti
Influences: John Mayer, Patty Griffin, Coldplay, Thomas Newman

“Heather Rocks! She is always positive and has a smile on her face. She is one of the best vocal teachers I have ever had! While at the Berklee College of Music, I took Skype lessons [with her], and the training was as professional as it is in person. She has coached me through my studio sessions and helped me put together a polished demo. Without this training, my voice would not be at the level it is today.”

“Heather rules hands down. I—and perhaps more importantly, other musicians I work with—immediately noticed a significant difference in my singing since I started working with her. I think one of the unique things I’m taking away from my lessons with her is the ability to sing more naturally, with less effort. I really feel like I’m finding my own voice—which is way above and beyond what I expected to get out of taking voice lessons. To top it off, Heather’s bright personality and supportive teaching methods make it nearly impossible to detect her constructive approach. I’d highly recommend Heather’s instruction, regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro.”

Dusty DiMercurio, producer, singer/songwriter

“I dreamt of singing for my parents at my wedding, but hadn’t had any formal voice instruction since I was a child. I tried one voice instructor, but hit a wall two months before the wedding. I came to Heather with my goals, and she really helped me fine-tune my voice, taught me how to use a mic, and worked with me on my stage presence. Heather is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, and her confidence in me allowed me to fulfill my dream on my wedding day.”

– Laura Breit, newlywed & singer

“Heather Pierce is the bomb. She has a great way of teaching amazing vocal technique that is precise, exacting, yet generous and supportive. There is no question that Heather has changed my pipes for the better. I’d recommend her highly to any prospective vocal student no matter how much you think you know!”

Susan Rancourt, jazz vocalist

“In my search for a vocal instructor, Heather really stood out because of her experience as a lead singer in a band. In my six-plus months of study with Heather, my control and singing ability have greatly improved. In addition, she also has practical advice about being a female singer in a band of boys.”

Rebecca Bortman, frontwoman/My First Earthquake

“Within just a few lessons, my voice changed so dramatically that I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of performing on stage! Your search for a vocal coach should stop with Heather!”

– Scott Silvi, singer/songwriter

“I had never taken voice lessons before but started several months ago because I’d lost my upper range. Immediately, I noticed that I could hit higher notes than I could before and my voice became less breathy. My daughter even saw Heather for a lesson before a school talent show and loved the experience. I couldn’t imagine a better vocal coach and would recommend her to anyone.”

– Gina Moreno-John, physician & singer

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