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Saturday, November 9th, 2019  //  7:00 to 9:00 pm

McAllister Music Mission Studio // 3280 22nd Street, SF, 94110

Salon: A gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. (Wikipedia)

My goal with SONG SALON is to create an informal, fun, safe space for you to let go of your stage jitters, and get a little feedback from your peers on songs you’re currently working on in your sessions with me (covers and originals are both welcome). It’s much more relaxed than a nail-biting open mic, yet you’re still putting yourselves and your voices out there, which is part of the process of releasing anxiety around performance. Whether you’ve been onstage a lot or this is your first toe-dip into the water, we can all learn from one another. Anyone willing to share is encouraged to join. I love to connect my clients with each other, as no one understands the joys and challenges of vocal development the way you all do!

We’ll sing, commune, and support each other. Vino and sparkling water will be provided for your enjoyment. Your performances do not have to be “stage-ready” at all. These are works-in-progress. Come as you are and let’s do this!

Payment + Cancellation Policy:
To confirm your spot in SONG SALON, a full payment of $50.00 is due upfront.  Once registered, your payment is non-refundable.
Advance payment online through Heather (email to receive an invoice.

12 participants maximum.


Daniel performs at SONG SALON, August 2017

The crew at SONG SALON, August 2017



Adrienne + Ed workshop their tune 

COLLAB: A performance workshop for Singers, Pianists + Singer/Songwriters
with Heather Pierce (voice) + Ciara McAllister (piano)

COLLAB is: a “collaboration lab” + safe space where you and your fellow participants will perform live, experiment and grow together as artists with hands-on guidance from your instructors.

Lauren rehearses her original song in COLLAB

Singer/Songwriters who wish to perform their original material will be coached on:
-Developing your song and performance to most effectively communicate your message and support your unique sound
-How to accompany yourself better (timing, changes in your fingering, chord inversions, arrangement ideas, etc.)
NOTE: This category also applies to musicians who wish to accompany themselves (on piano or guitar) but would like to work on a cover instead of an original tune

Singers will be paired up with pianists to work on the ins and outs of:
-The art of working as a duo – singers: how to communicate with your pianist, pianists: how to follow your singer
-Creating a cohesive vibe together

Everyone gets:
-Performance practice – how to work through nerves on stage and tell your story effectively
-Mic technique
-Spot-check vocal and piano coaching
-To perform live at “COLLAB: the performance”

COLLAB is an intimate group– 12 participants maximum, so you’ll get plenty of individual attention.

Gabriella + Ronitte in performance

“COLLAB: the performance” takes place in the art gallery of the Dogpatch Cafe (3rd at 20th street). It’s a cozy, salon-style setting– dimly lit, beautiful and performance-worthy. You’ll be able to invite a select number of your friends/family members to share the night with you.

Suhasini sings at COLLAB: the performance

View photos from previous COLLAB sessions:  Spring 2013 + Fall 2012 + Summer 2012  + Heather’s blog post!

Brent + Amanda at COLLAB: the performance