voice lessons


savvy singing: solid technique to work out the kinks for good

Let’s develop your vocal technique healthfully and with skill. Not a lot of nebulous imagery, just straightforward cause and effect instruction to build strength, agility, and power.

Oftentimes, the extrinsic muscles surrounding the larynx (where the vocal cords are located) become overly involved in the singing process, causing tension and not allowing the vocal cords to open and close comfortably. Stabilizing the larynx and allowing for medium vocal cord closure frees you up to pronounce lyrics with ease and clarity, so that your listeners will understand what you’re singing and you won’t have to work so hard physically.

The most challenging areas of the voice to maintain a stable larynx occur in the bridges. A bridge is merely a passage area (known as “passagi” in classical technique and a “break” in contemporary singing) where you shift from one register of your voice to another. By learning proper bridging of the vocal registers, you’ll have control of your voice—no cracking, flipping, strain, or hoarseness. Sing from your chest voice into your middle voice, your middle voice into your head voice and back again with total continuity, resulting in a connected “one voice” sound.

authentic artistry: express yourself—however you feel it

Having true control of your voice leaves the artistic choices up to you. This is extremely important for all genres of commercial singing, where the industry demands that a singer’s bridges are undetectable and each voice stands out with its own unique quality.

in the lesson: how we’ll work together

Each private, one-on-one lesson consists of a series of repetitive scale patterns and vowel and consonant combinations that I tailor to your specific vocal needs. Song work is also included. You choose whatever song you’d like to work on and bring it with you on your music-playing phone. You can also accompany yourself on keyboard (in my studio), bring your acoustic guitar, or use mine. If you don’t have the lyrics memorized, please print them out to refer to in our session.

Sessions are recorded in-studio and hosted online via Dropbox for outside practice. Download the free Dropbox app for your iPhone or Android and you’ll always have your custom vocal workouts available on-the-go. You will make vast improvements with regular practice!

spoken voice study: speaking for business professionals

Along with singers, I have trained many business professionals, helping them to refine their speaking voices. My background in theatre equips me with fun, creative exercises to help even the shyest individual come out of his/her shell. I always incorporate a little singing into the mix. Sung vocal exercises are the most dynamic, and help to build strength and agility even if you don’t consider yourself a “singer”. We’ll also read various types of spoken copy, developing an emotive skill set and applying it to what you wish to achieve in your overall vocal presentation.

lesson types: you’ve got options

In-person lessons
Join me at my professional teaching studio, located on the border of the Mission/Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco.

Online lessons
Don’t live within driving distance of SF? Not a problem!

We can work online via Skype. Skype sessions are conducted in the same manner as in-person lessons.

Lesson rates and scheduling 
Lessons are available for purchase as a single session + in specially priced packages. Single Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Packages are available in both 30 minute and 60 minute increments. Sessions are offered Monday – Friday 11 am – 8:00 pm and and Saturdays between 12 – 6 pm. All times are Pacific Standard Time.
Please contact me directly for rate information and to schedule a lesson.

on-location tour prep + in-studio coaching

I’m available to travel with bands and individual artists to help prepare for live shows during tech weeks and tours. In-studio coaching during vocal tracking at recording sessions is also an option. There is nothing like having an extra set of ears (and the ability for me to address any issues on-the-spot!) Please get in touch with me directly to talk about your project.

studio policies

24-hour cancellation policy:
To cancel or reschedule an existing lesson, you must give at least 24 hours’ notice by phone or email, or you will be charged for the missed session in full. No exceptions. Scheduling a lesson is your acceptance of this policy.

Arrival time:
Please arrive on time for your scheduled lesson. Extra time cannot be added for late arrivals.