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praise for heather pierce vox + music

I was a little nervous to meet voice master Heather Pierce, who runs Heather Pierce Vox + Music. But during my lesson, she set me at ease immediately; as a part of a local electro group, Karmacoda, she is anything but stodgy or strict in demeanor or style. There was also no judgment from her as I squeaked through scales. I may not have taken the Mint by storm while working on today’s karaoke story, but Heather’s tips and techniques were really helpful. Whether you’re starting from scratch or an already accomplished vocalist, Heather can help. There’s something really great about investing time and attention in an oft-overlooked personal instrument: your own voice.
—Reyhan Harmanci,

raves for my work with karmacoda

If you’re going to do trip hop, you’d better have a Class-A female vocalist to step up and satisfy your listeners’ expectations of the genre. This San Francisco-based four-piece seem committed to exploring a sound that parallels the very best of that genre, but they still make a populist push in terms of the relaxed atmospheres and lush arrangements on display. Karmacoda’s ace in the hole is Heather Pierce, whose voice is so gorgeous that it’s impossible not to get wrapped up in its sexy cool—think Mimi from Low without the guilt.
—Splendid Music

With Heather Pierce’s vocals being the ear-catching thing that sucks you in and the rest of the band contributing equally to polish off their complete sound, Karmacoda paints a lyrical picture infused with images which your mind wants to wrap itself around.

Chillcast Karmacoda Feature

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