frequently asked questions

What types of singers do you work with?
Many of my clients sing professionally, some sing seriously outside their day jobs or schooling and some are brand new. I love working with committed singers, whether they have loads of natural talent, a lot of passion, or both!

I teach most modern styles of music: Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Folk, Country, Musical Theatre, Electronic/Dance.

How long will it take for me to gain total control of my voice?
No two voices are alike and there are a few factors to consider—innate talent level, past experience and the physical condition that your voice is currently in.

Improvement happens within the first couple weeks of study, as I give you useful technical exercises customized for your voice. Then it’s in your hands to commit to practicing regularly. Small shifts in coordination begin to occur and those turn into habits that hold. Like fitness, vocal study is a commitment. Six months to a year is realistic for dramatic development.

How often should I practice?
Singers are athletes who require regular workouts to perform optimally. Similar to strength training in other parts of the body, practicing more often for shorter periods of time—everyday for 15 to 30 minutes versus once per week for an hour or more—is better. It’s the repetition of doing your exercises that will help you break subconscious habits that are not serving you and build in the new coordination you are developing in your lessons.

Of course you’ll want to be mindful not to overdo it—singing is NOT a “no pain, no gain” situation! As you discover what feels correct and what doesn’t, the muscles can fatigue a bit and need time to rest. Practicing for shorter periods of time more often will help you stay on the right track.

Do you teach children?
Yes, I am available to work with high-school age young people who are committed to developing their voices (Ages 14 and up). I lead sessions in the same manner that I do with my adult clients.

Can I take just a few lessons?
For sure! You do not have to commit to a set number of lessons. Of course you’ll progress quicker if you come in more frequently (and practice regularly), but I do not require it.

What is your rate and studio location?
Email me at for current lesson rates and to schedule a session.

Please visit the contact page for directions to my studio located on the border of the Mission/Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco.

What does “heathervox” mean?
Heather Pierce + vox (the latin word for “voice”) = heathervox