about heather

I believe that each singer has an authentic voice—one that must be heard loud and clear. It’s my mission to bring out the true artistry in each voice I am trusted with teaching.

I love singers. We are a very specific breed. Singers are into the minutiae of delivering a song–Dynamics, phrasing, tone, color, emotion. We are storytellers, front people and audience charmers.

I coach my clients like athletes, because I believe that singers are also athletes. True expression is tangible. With our instrument being housed in our body, we must learn to feel what is right along with hearing it, staying mindful of the edge of what is physically safe while masterfully breaking the rules to get whatever sound is intrinsically authentic to the song and of course, the artist.

I’ve lived my life onstage both solo and in bands. Music became an obsession early on and subsequently, my youth was spent in choirs, private voice study, performing in musical theatre, then singing with the Big Band at the University of Arizona, where I majored in vocal performance, theatre, and photography. For nearly twenty years, I’ve been playing shows, writing songs, and making albums in San Francisco.

Vocal coaching called to me after I’d been studying with and working as the Studio Manager for my teacher, Dave Stroud. I loved the growth I’d been able to achieve in my own voice, and I wanted to share that knowledge. Apprenticing alongside Dave and several years in a rigourous instructor certification program allowed me to become highly skilled at pinpointing issues a singer faces and quickly creating solutions to deal with them. I made the dream of owning my own studio a reality in 2006, with the opening of Heather Pierce Vox + Music.

I have the privilege of training professional singers and performers both in San Francisco and on location, helping them prep for live shows, recording studio tracking, tours and auditions. I deal most often in rock and modern popular music (indie, electronic, folk, singer/songwriter, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre).

I’m happy to offer my expertise to any singer who is passionate about developing their instrument, digging into the inner workings of their art, and fully manifesting their true voice.


Singers I have worked with include + are not limited to:

Third Eye Blind (Stephan Jenkins, Kryz Reid, Alex Kopp, Alex LeCavalier)

Geographer (Mike Deni)

Beth Hirsch

Spencer Barnett



William Robert

Panic Is Perfect (Jeremy Belzer)

Zion I (Zumbi)

Secondhand Serenade

Kylee Swenson Gordon (Loquat)

Supersquare (Helen Eugene)

The She’s (Hannah Valente, Sami Perez)

Seventeen Evergreen (Nephi Evans)

Tidelands (Mie Araki)

Patrick Brown (Producer/Engineer/Owner, Different Fur Studios)

Killing My Lobster (Actors of SF’s premier sketch comedy group)

education + training

I’ve studied voice—a lot. Here are some official credentials:

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Music, Theatre and Photography, 1997
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Stanford Jazz Workshop Residency Vocal Program, 1997

Speech Level Singing Instructor Certification Program, 2004 to 2011

Additional private studies under:
Alyce Brodoff, Vocal Technique
Jeffrey Haskell, Vocal Jazz Style
Kitty Margolis, Vocal Jazz Style
Raz Kennedy, Contemporary Style
Dave Stroud, Vocal Technique
Greg Enriquez, Vocal Technique

Related industry gigs:

Studio Manager – Dave Stroud Vocal Studio – 2000 to 2006

Assistant Coordinator – The Recording Academy, SF Chapter (The GRAMMYS) – 1998 to 2000

personal music industry highlights

Music I wrote with producer Brett Crockett (Karmacoda) has been licensed for placement on television (ABC’s Red Widow, Burn Notice, MTV’s From G’s to Gents + Real World/Road Rules Challenge) and film (Hank & Asha, The Last Run, Paris, Neverland, Voyeur).

We’ve had radio play (San Francisco’s ”Chill with Alice” 97.3 FM + Live 105’s “Local Artist Spotlight” 105.3 FM), as well as regular rotation on internet stations (SOMA FM, Groovera, Below Zero) and electronic music podcasts (The Chillcast, Dave’s Lounge).

Songwriting awards include:

(Best Independent Song used in Film & Television—2003 Independent Music Awards)

“Make Like Mine”
(Best Dance/Electronica Honorable Mention—2008 International Songwriting Competition)

“Love Will Turn Your Head Around”
(Best Dance/Electronica Semi-Finalist—2012 International Songwriting Competition)

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