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collab: a performance workshop is born

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Scenes from COLLAB, Summer + Fall 2012.

Collaboration is a powerful force. It’s how I became a songwriter and it’s what got me onstage. I’m a singer first and foremost. While my instrument sounds good acappella, it does me best when paired with another musician. This is also the case for many of the talented singers I train every week.

Finding a creative cohort/performance partner is nerve wracking and time consuming. Upon my arrival in San Francisco, I dealt with an array of strange Craigslist encounters and had myself transiting all over town to meet up with prospects who never turned out to be the right fit. Funny enough, I met my bandmate in the most obvious place– My vocal coach’s studio.

It was a conversation I had about this very subject with my friend, musical colleague, and piano instructor, Ciara McAllister that led the two of us to create a performance workshop specifically for the clients in our respective studios. COLLAB is a “collaboration lab” and safe space where participants perform live, experiment and grow together as artists with hands-on guidance from Ciara and I. Singers are paired up with pianists to form duos, singer/songwriters share their original songs and singer/pianists work on inspired cover tunes. The finale happens in the form of “COLLAB: the performance”, a live showcase of each artist’s selected musical piece. Sessions ran this past summer and fall for four weeks each and were absolutely incredible!

Words to describe COLLAB: creative, intense, camaraderie, open, supportive, exciting, powerful, magic.

I am thrilled to offer this workshop and be part of such an inspiring group of artists!

See photos of both sessions: SUMMER 2012 + FALL 2012

The SPRING 2013 session of COLLAB runs April 18 – May 10.

Registration is now open!

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